President's Message

KSI Building


Since 1975 Korman Signs, Inc. has been manufacturing highway signs, sign faces, sign blanks, and fleet markings at its headquarters facility in Richmond, Virginia and has grown in size to over 100,000+ square feet. The company is not only a manufacturing center but also serves as a master distributor for a host of traffic control devices, mounting hardware, sign posts, and 3M™ products.

We manufacture a full line of construction work zone products including, our patented ALPOLIC® 350 aluminum composite signs. All of our work zone products are NCHRP 350 approved and have been subjected to an extensive crash and wind testing program, day and night, using an outside independent laboratory, and our own faculties.

We utilize screen printing, digital printing and computer generated graphics in our manufacturing processes. Whether the end use is highway, interstate, work zone, or fleet, we strive to employ the latest technologies and materials.

An industry distinction is our investment in inventory making Korman Signs, Inc. an attractive quick ship, one stop source for not only local, state, and federal accounts, but also the private sector.

We look forward to engaging our work force on your behalf.

William M. Korman

Bill Korman, Jr.

  • ALPOLIC 350
  • Roll-Up Signs
  • Type III Barricades
  • Fleet Graphics
  • Traffic Signs
  • Posts and Accessories