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In 2000, there were 1,093 work zone fatalities, 225 more than in 1999. That fact alone makes all of us at Korman Signs work harder to deliver products that can make our highways and work zones safer for drivers and workers alike.

At Korman Signs, we not only develop safety products using high quality 3M™ graphics to ensure the highest possible visibility. We also field-test many of our products in actual driving conditions to ensure their reliability before we offer them to you. When you order traffic safety products from us, you know you're getting new and proven safety products.

Just look at the stringent road tests we subjected our new ALPOLIC® 350 signs to before we started selling them:

Crash Tests

→ .080 48" x 48" Solid Aluminum Sign

A Ford Festiva hits a 48-inch by 48-inch solid aluminum road sign at 60 mph. The sign cuts into the windshield and then spins up into the air like a flying buzzsaw.

→ 48" x 48" ALPOLIC® 350 Sign

In an identical test, the ALPOLIC® 350 sign buckles when it hits the windshield and almost floats to the ground after impact. The windshield is not even scratched.

→ .080 48" x 60" Solid Aluminum Sign

In this test the larger sign goes right into the windshield and spins out of control. Again, it pierces the windshield.

→ 48" x 60" ALPOLIC® 350 Sign

In an identical test, the ALPOLIC® 350 sign hits the windshield without penetrating it. In fact, it doesn't even leave a mark.

Wind Resistance & Reflectivity Tests

→ Standard Roll-Up Sign

At 20 mph, this roll-up sign billows around its crossbraces, distorting its face and making it difficult to read.

→ ALPOLIC® 350 Sign

At the same wind speed, the ALPOLIC® 350 sign demonstrates that it is far more readable and maintains better reflectivity, giving it superior visibility on the open road.

The Federal Highway Administration also performed tests on a variety of our traffic barricades and sign stands, measuring their safety in actual driving conditions.

Sign Stand Tests

To view the approval letters from the FHWA for our 350 approved and tested portable sign stands check out the WZ Letters.

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