ALPOLIC® 350 is manufactured by laminating two skins of aluminum to both sides of an extruded thermoplastic core under tension and pressure. The resulting composite product is light, exceptionally flat, strong, rigid, and resistant to breakage. It fabricates easily, just like aluminum, and enables operations such as bending, routing, folding, cutting, sawing, driling, punching, and shearing. ALPOLIC is painted white on both sides presenting a suitable substrate for the acceptable adhesion of reflective sheeting. ALPOLIC can be used in temporary and permanent applications.


Permanent Signing

ALPOLIC® 350 is approved for use in a number of permanent applications including, but not limited to, overhead signs, street name signs, stop signs, speed limit and warning signs. ALPOLIC has gone through several formal wind and stress tests. Korman Signs has invested many hours in research and development at Advanced Technologies, Inc. subjecting the material to hurricane force winds up to 110mph.


For more information on using ALPOLIC® for work zone applications visit the ALPOLIC® 350 For Temporary Signing page.

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