U-Channel Posts

U-Channel Sign Posts are manufactured from high quality, high tensile steel and finished with baked enamel paint or powder coating; also available in hot-dipped galvanized finish exceeding ASTM specifications. One person can install or replace a complete post and sign assembly in minutes. Delineator posts available in 1.33 #/ft or 1.12 #/ft in multiple lengths. FHWA accepted and NCHRP 350 approved.

U-Channel Posts

Green Part Number Galvanized Part Number Length x lbs/ft
PU6X2GR PU6X2GA 6' x 2 #/ft
PU7X2GR PU7X2GA 7' x 2 #/ft
PU8X2GR PU8X2GA 8' x 2 #/ft
PU9X2GR PU9X2GA 9' x 2 #/ft
PU10X2GR PU10X2GA 10' x 2 #/ft
PU10X3GR PU10X3GA 10' x 3 #/ft
PU11X2GR PU11X2GA 11' x 2 #/ft
PU11X3GR PU11X3GA 11' x 3 #/ft
PU12X2GR PU12X2GA 12' x 2 #/ft
PU12X3GR PU12X3GA 12' x 3 #/ft

U-Channel Breakaway Systems

Lap Splice™

The Lap SpliceŠ is a ground-mounted, bolted base breakaway system for U-Channel posts.

  • Base is easily driven in even the hardest soils from ground level with manual or power tools
  • Nest and bolt top post to bottom post in minutes
  • System utilizes two special bolts and a bar spacer
  • System forms a union as strong as the posts themselves
  • Installation crews spend less time by the side of the road

U-Channel Posts


The Slip-SafeŠ is a durable, safe and reusable breakaway system that's an ideal solution for small sign supports in high-impact areas.

  • Utilizes a short u-channel base or ground post so it can easily and quickly be driven into the ground in minutes
  • Specially designed castings are bolted to top and bottom posts
  • System bolted together with U-washers and a keeper plate in between top and bottom assemblies

Slip-Safe™ Supreme

The Slip-SafeŠ Supreme is a 360° breakaway system for mid-size sign supports.

For additional information on U-Channel Posts please contact the office and our customer service representatives will gladly provide more information on your options - Email Us or call (800) 296-6050.

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