Circular Delineators

Center Mount Plastic Delineators increase safety in inclement weather conditions by providing better visibility with plastic backing. Each plastic delineatorhas a 3 1/4" diameter.

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Crystal Center Mount Delineator

Crystal Center Mount Delineator

Crystal Center Mount Delineator



Blue Center Mount Delineator


Delineator Panels

Delineator Panels come in your choice of black/yellow, black/white, black/fluorescent orange or solid colors. Sheeting available in Engineer Grade, High Intensity Prismatic or DG³ applied to aluminum or ALPOLIC® blanks in a centered, left or right diagonal pattern.

Delineato Panels

Orange and Black Delineator Panel with Right Diagonals

Yellow and Black Delineator Panel with Center Diagonals

White and Black Delineator Panel with Left Diagonals


For additional information on Delineators please contact the office and our customer service representatives will gladly provide more information on your options - Email Us or call (800) 296-6050.

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